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The entries will be judged on the effectiveness and completeness of their investment education messages, except where noted. These are programs that best educate about, and encourage, sound investment practices. Successful entries in all categories will be creative and will have strong identification with the plan sponsor.

Generic vendor materials generally will not win if they have not been significantly modified and tailored to the plan sponsor client. However, generic entries are welcome as service provider-only generic entries.

Entries must include evidence of the effectiveness of the program, e.g., an increase in participation or a change in the average asset mix.

For all entries that include online components, the URL or temporary user ID and/or password — valid through March 20, 2019 — must be provided.

Entry preparation:

  • Please complete the entry form online, print it out and return it along with one set of your educational materials.
  • Use a separate envelope and entry form for each category entered; multiple entries may be boxed for mailing only.
  • Do not mount entries on boards.
  • Entries will be returned only if accompanied by an appropriately sized self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Include original printed pieces whenever possible. If you must submit a digital printout, make sure the text is readable. Pages with unreadable text will be excluded from the materials judged.
  • If you are submitting digital copies, do not submit thumbnails of multiple pieces on one page. Each printed piece should be printed on separate pages.
  • Thumbnail images are only acceptable when showing a timeline of deliverables to plan participants.
  • Include any giveaways that were distributed to plan participants.
  • Please make sure all copy is visible so the judges can read it.

Joint entries must include documentation that the plan sponsor approved the submission.
Download Plan Sponsor Acknowledgement Form